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Building Permits and Inspections

Building Inspection Department
Residential and Commercial
Ph: 715-246-4268

Erica Balcerek
Building/Zoning Coordinator
Ph: 715-243-0413

Beth Thompson
Community Development Director
Ph:  715-243-0402

The Building Inspections Department issues building permits and provides the necessary inspections as required by the State of Wisconsin through the enforcement of the various building codes.  The department also oversees Zoning Ordinance compliance throughout the City of New Richmond.

** Due to the high volume of permit requests, we cannot guarantee a turn-around time for your building permit to be processed. **  Permit applications are processed in the order they are received.

Our inspectors are in and out of the office on a daily basis on field inspections. Please call ahead if you wish to stop by the office and speak with an inspector in person.

It is our goal to provide timely inspections and helpful customer service.   We are happy to assist you with any questions related to construction or home improvement projects.  We urge you to obtain a permit and have your work inspected for compliance. Not only are you following the law, you are protecting your family, friends and neighbors.

Guide to Permits

When Do I Need a Permit?

Map of New Residential Dwelling Units - 2022

Chapter 121 Zoning Ordinance

Chapter 117 Subdivision Ordinance

Standard Design Details

PLEASE NOTE:  If you live outside of City limits, please check with your local township about obtaining a building permit.

  • In Richmond Township, please call All Croix Inspections at 715-377-2152
  • In Stanton Township, please call Wert Inspection Agency at 715-386-5410
  • In Star Prairie Township, please call Wert Inspection Agency at 715-386-5410