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Online Permit Application

Permit Application Process 

I AGREE to the terms and conditions below; proceed to online building permit application

Permit applications are processed in the order they are received. 

  • To ensure the process runs smoothly, please be sure to fill out the form completely and accurately.
  • Please list all contractors and sub contractors (including addresses/phone numbers!)
  • Additional documentation such as plans & specifications may be required for your project; please upload these documents through the online application. Building Inspection staff will contact you if additional information is needed.


  1. No construction or excavation allowed without permit issuance. Permits will not be issued or valid until payment is received.  Double permit fees will be assessed for work started without a permit per Ord. Sec. 105-33.  Strict erosion control compliance including off-site tracking will be enforced.  Placement of dumpsters on City streets requires prior approval from the Director of Public Works.
  2. Check with local Building Inspection/Zoning Administrator office prior to any home improvements, landscaping, fencing, pools, excavation, antennas, outdoor wood stoves, paving, planting, misc. construction projects, etc.  Always check private covenants before building.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to adhere to private covenants.
  3. Municipality NOT responsible for:  Any site work or construction performed prior to plan review and building permit issuance, property line locations, proper lot/building site validation, enforcing private covenants.

  4. Owner/Builder IS responsible for:
    • Zoning compliance. Inquire about specific zoning requirements.
    • Obtaining utility easements for any services traversing adjacent/contiguous lots or parcels.
    • Verifying that sub-contractor licensing through the State of Wisconsin is current.
    • Declaring if property lines are present at common walls on the building permit application for two unit buildings under separate ownership.
    • Building plans matching the intended construction.
    • Displaying property lines upon initial footing inspection.  Setbacks are NEVER measured from the curb - always measure from the property lines
    • Final inspection notification upon completion of project. Occupancy NOT permitted until completion of all conditions on the final inspection report is satisfied.
    • Property owners are responsible to report all project costs, which include but not limited to, all construction work and labor for which the permit is issued, as well as finish work, painting, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, elevators, fire extinguishing systems and any other permanent equipment.  If, in the opinion of the building inspector, the permit valuation has been underestimated and/or a labor value is not provided, the inspector may assign a valuation based on our internal Valuation Calculator Policy.  
  1. 48-hour UDC inspection notification preferred.  Allowances will be made on a case-by-case basis. Any re-inspection shall be subject to a $75.00 fee for each incident. 
  2. City of New Richmond Building Inspection/Zoning Administrator office reserves citation authority for violations.
  3. City of New Richmond building permit expires 24 months from date of issuance.
  4. Easements:
    1. Homeowner is responsible for determining location of easements and existing underground utilities.
    2. Fence shall not be positioned nearer than 3 feet to any side of a transformer, pedestal or cabinet.
    3. Fence shall not be positioned nearer than 10 feet to the door of any transformer or cabinet. EXCEPTION: If a gate is positioned directly in front of the door and measurers at least as wide as the door, the distance may be reduced to 3 feet.
    4. New Richmond Utilities will not repair or replace any portion of fence within the utility easement if the fence needs to be removed for any utility work including clearing obstructions in the easement area.
    5. Fence shall not be attached to any utility equipment.
    6. If fence impedes the movement of stormwater through the easement, it will be the homeowner's responsibility to return the drainage to its original characteristics.
  5. Cautionary Statement to Owners Obtaining Building Permits:  101.65 (1r) of the Wisconsin State Statutes requires municipalities that enforce the Uniform Dwelling Code to provide an owner who applies for a building permit with a statement advising the owner that: If the owner hires a contractor to perform work under the building permit and the contractor is not bonded or insured as required under s. 101.654 (2) (a), the following consequences might occur:

a. The owner may be held liable for any bodily injury to or death of others or for any damage to the property of others that arises out of the work performed under the building permit or that is caused by any negligence of the contractor that occurs in connection with the work performed under the building permit.

b. The owner may not be able to collect from the contractor any damages for any loss sustained by the owner because of a violation by the contractor of the one- and two-family dwelling code or ordinance enacted under sub. (1) (a), because of any bodily injury to or death of others or damage to the property of others that arises out of the work performed under the building permit or because of any bodily injury or death of others or damage to property that is caused by negligence by the contractor that occurs in connection with the work performed under the building permit.

I agree to all applicable codes, statutes and ordinances and with the conditions of this permit; understand that the issuance of the permit creates no legal liability, expressed or implied, on the state or municipality; and certify that all the above information is accurate.  If I am an owner applying for an erosion control or construction permit, I have read the cautionary statement regarding contractor financial responsibility.

I agree to the terms and conditions of this form and further agree that completion and submission of this form electronically constitutes my signature for purposes of applying for a permit, and that such signature shall be legally binding as though executed in person. 

I AGREE to the terms and conditions above; proceed to online building permit application