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Snow Removal/Winter Maintenance

Public Works staff removes snow and ice from City streets using two graders, three plow trucks and one front-end loader equipped with a plow and a wing. Three pickup trucks are equipped with plows for removing snow from parks, trails and parking lots. Smaller equipment is used for snow removal from city-owned sidewalks. Please make room for our snow-removal operations by observing our winter parking regulations.

Please see our complete Winter Maintenance Operations Policy HERE.

In order to remove ice and provide a bare-road driving surface, the City uses salt on the main routes through the City. As a cost-saving measure, side streets are treated with sand to provide traction rather than salt to melt the snow/ice build-up.

The City is responsible for removing snow from our 63 miles of streets, and 20 miles of trails, but residents of New Richmond are an integral part of our snow removal operations as well. If you have a sidewalk adjacent to your property, you are responsible for keeping that sidewalk free of snow and ice for its full width. If the sidewalk isn’t clear 24 hours after the snow stops, City staff will clear it for you, and you will be billed for their services. Also, as you’re removing snow from your sidewalk or driveway, please don’t place it in the street – it’s illegal! Here’s the details (from New Richmond Ordinance 70-8):

Sec. 70-8. - Snow and ice.


  1.  Within 24 hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, it shall be the duty of the owners and/or the occupants of any lot or parcel of land in the City to remove, or cause to be removed, the snow from any and all sidewalks adjacent to the premises of such owner or occupant, and to keep the same free and clear of snow and ice for the full width of the sidewalk.


Failure to remove. In case of failure or neglect of any owner or occupant of any land or parcel of land to remove the snow from sidewalks as specified in Subsection (a) of this section within the time set forth in said subsection and, after 24 hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, the owner or occupant has failed to remove such snow from sidewalks as specified in Subsection (a) of this section, the Street Superintendent shall remove or cause the snow to be removed from any and all sidewalks and cross-sidewalks that may be so neglected by the owner or occupant, and a fee shall be assessed against the owner or occupant for the cost and expense of moving such snow. The fee will be charged against the respective lots and parcels of land adjacent to which said work shall be done, as a special tax, and such sum or sums shall be collected in the same manner as other special taxes.


Deposits prohibited. Except as provided herein, no person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any snow or ice taken and removed from his premises or elsewhere upon any sidewalk, alley, parkway, public place or street in the City, provided however, that the person, firm, or corporation depositing such snow shall, within one hour thereafter, cause the same to be removed from such street.


  1.  The deposit of any snow or ice upon any sidewalk, alley or street of the City contrary to the provisions of this chapter shall be and is declared to be a nuisance, and in addition to the penalty provided for violation of this section, the City may similarly remove any snow or ice so deposited and cause the cost of said removal to be charged to the owner or occupant of the property from which said snow or ice has been removed.
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