Office: 156 East First Street | New Richmond, WI 54017
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Friday 7:00 - 11:30 am 


Erik Evenson
Director of Public Works

Rob Weldon
PW Operations Manager

Brody Larson
Street Foreman

Jamie Larson
Public Works Assistant

MISSION: The mission of the New Richmond Street Department is to provide safe and convenient access for the City’s residents and visitors to homes and businesses within the City via the City’s roadways, and to protect the environment and public and private property through stormwater collection and treatment.

The City’s Street Department is responsible for maintenance of the City’s roadways – a network of over 63 miles of local streets, collectors and arterials. The Streets Department is also tasked with maintaining the City’s stormwater collection and treatment system, generally consisting of pipes, manholes, catch basins and retention ponds. Specific duties of the department include:

1)    Removing snow and ice from city streets by plowing and spreading
2)    Removing sand and other debris from city streets by sweeping
3)    Maintaining street condition inventory as required by the WI DOT
4)    Repairing streets by crack filling, hot mix patching, and pot hole patching
5)    Constructing or reconstructing streets (excluding pavement)
6)    Constructing or reconstructing curb and gutter
7)    Maintaining and replacing street signs
8)    Cleaning and thawing storm sewer catch basins and pipes
9)    Trimming trees in boulevards
10)   Painting curbs, crosswalks, and streets markers as necessary
11)   Maintaining and repairing trucks and equipment
12)   Mowing grass in City-owned areas adjacent to streets

STAFFING: The staff of the Street Department consists of Street Department Foreman Brody Larson and Street Department Employees Mike Powers, Andy Miller, Matt Bonkoski, and Chad Nawrocki.