Office: 156 East First Street | New Richmond, WI 54017
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Friday 7:00 - 11:30 am 


Erik Evenson
Director of Public Works

Dave Pufall
Water Superintendent

Jamie Larson
Public Works Assistant

MISSION: The mission of the New Richmond Water Department is to provide clean and safe drinking water to the City’s residents and businesses, and to protect public health and the environment by conveying wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant.

The City’s Water Department provides drinking water to residents and businesses in the City of New Richmond, and to a portion of Star Prairie Township. To this end, the Water Department maintains approximately 81 miles of water main, 5 wells and 2 water towers. The Water Department also maintains the City’s wastewater collection system, including approximately 63 miles of pipe and 15 lift stations.

The City’s drinking water is drawn from groundwater by five wells at various locations throughout the City. The water is treated only by the addition of chlorine and fluoride before being conveyed to the City’s water customers. Essential functions of the Water Department include:

1)    Daily testing of residual samples for fluoride and chlorine.
2)    Daily well inspection recording flows, hours, and chemicals used.
3)    Installation and maintenance of water meters (including radio read), testing
       and rebuilding.
4)    Cross connection inspections and compliance.
5)    Periodic flushing of hydrants and mains.
6)    Valve exercising.
7)    Monthly reports to DNR.
8)    Monitoring and maintenance of lift stations as necessary.
9)    Jetting sewer mains and vacuuming debris.
10)  Participation in Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting to review
       proposed installations.

Discolored Water FAQ
Sewer Backup Information

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STAFFING: The staff of the Water Department consists of Superintendent Dave Pufall, Foreman Adam Jackson, and Water Tech Specialists Jon Evans, Pat Howell and Tyler Sharpe.