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Pay Citations

Parking Tickets must be paid to the Police Department and not paid on the Court's payment portal. Click HERE for more information.

Pay online from your checking or savings account, or with your Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.  The Credit Card payment charges you a 2.9% convenience fee (amount paying times 2.6%) to use the system.  Payments below $100 will be charged the convenience fee PLUS $0.50.  The E-Check payment system is an ACH Debit from your checking or savings account and a convenience fee of $1.00 per transaction is applied.  

Once you have entered the Payment Service Network Site - you will be asked to identify the Municipal Court as the account you wish to pay by entering our business ID number RT20202.  This will bring up the court’s account where (if you are a one-time user) you may click on Make a Payment, follow the screens and complete the transaction.

If you have established a payment plan with the court and intend to use this site to make additional payments, we recommend that you click on REGISTER to enter your information.  This way you can use your email address and a password to call up your information.  This step allows you to make future payments quickly and easily without having to re-enter your information each time.  Please safeguard these passwords for your protection.

Follow the rest of the screens to complete your transaction. We hope you find this an easy and convenient process to pay your citation.

Click on the Payment Service Network link below to start the process:

Payment Service Network